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This is where you can find many black history facts.
Scroll all the way down and you can submit your own facts.

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Black History Facts:
  • Carter G Woodson created black History month.
  • Africa was called the "Dark Continent”.
  • Egypt is in Africa and has renowned affect on the entire western civilization.
  • A majority of the slaves that were taken to America were from West Africa
  • Slavery in North America was called “Peculiar Institution of Slavery”.
  • Haiti defeated the French to become the first independent Black nation from slavery.
  • Shirely Chisolm was the first black person to run for President.
  • B.E.T does represent all black people, it entertains and educates people.
  • Nathaniel Alexander of Lynchburg, Virginia patented a folding chair.
  • Ida B. Wells-Barnett was a fearless anti-lynching crusader, suffragist, women's rights advocate, journalist, and speaker.
  • “Devin T.” is not a Muslim.
  • HIV/AIDS is not solely infecting Black People.
  • The Black Flag or Pan African Flag colors:
    • Black represents the people of Africa.
      Red stands for the blood of the people that was shed.
      Gold is for the Gold that was stolen from them.
      Green is for the land of Africa.


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This is information placed by individuals that do not represent AIDS Awareness Poets Inc.
1. Name: Kennedy Campbell


Black history fact:
Shirley Chisholm she was the first black women to run
for President

2. Name: Anthony J. Bradford



Black history fact:

1804 the country of haiti beat the French Army to
become th 1st independence Black nation in the world. Also, Fredrick
Douglas was the 1st Black Stateman to

3. Name: Stacey Vardaman



Black history fact:

November 18, 1985, Mauel Welch was elected first
black Supervisor of Distrcit 4 since reconstruction

4. Name: Aerin Washington



Black history fact: 

Africa, as a continent, is in the political,

 economic, and physical disarray that exists today because of European

 colonization. Whites exhausted natural resources and labor on the continent.

 They then proceeded to destroy all governmental structure, and divide up

 the land in unnatural boundaries that caused religious and tribal

 conflict. This all occurred at the Berlin conference.

5. Name: Aerin Washington



Black history fact: 

Queen Nzinga was one of the first recorded

 Panafricanists. She sought to unite African nations in an effort to protect them

 from colonization by uniting their militaries and standing up against

 the Portuguese armies.

6. Name: Aerin Washington



Black history fact: 

Hannibal Barca of Carthage, one of the most popular

 and world renowned war generals in history, attacked Greece. His attack

 methods were so revolutionary that they are still used today in

 military strategizing. Hannibal was from Carthage, which is a country on the

 continent of Africa.

7. Name: yolanda  spencer




Black history fact: 

Chuck Cooper was the black in the National Basketball Association in 1951 and he played for the Boston Celtics.

8. Name: quala



Black history fact:

 Obama become the first Black prsident of the United States of American

9. Name: LuLu Tanito


State: hawii

Black history fact: 
Slavery came to north america in 1619

10. Name: Ella Edwards-Benson



Black history fact: 
June 1999, David Rule & Larry Edwards were elected the first two Africian Americian aldermen for the city of Lexington,Miss. July 2002, Clinton Cobbins was electd the first Africian American Alderman-at-large for the city of Lexington,miss. and Ella Weese Edwards_Benson became the first Africian Americian female Alderwoman for the city of Lexington,Miss.and the only woman elected to the city counsel.

10. Name: Chelsea Unique Knight


Black history fact:
 Barack Obama is the first african amercan president in the U.S

11. Name: Dakiah Heron



Black history fact: 
We represent black history that is in February.
12Name: Katorri Alexander

Email: Katorrialexander@yahoo.com

State: Nevada via Louisiana

Ira Frederick Aldridge (July 24, 1807 New York City  7 August 1867 Łódź, Poland) was an American stage actor who made his career largely on the London stage. He is the only actor of African American descent among the 33 actors of the English stage with bronze plaques at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon.

13. Edward Jackson

Email: kekelove.kg@gmail.com

State: New York

Lewis Latimer created the filament for Thomas Edison's lightbulb

14. Sheria Mcfadden

State: Alabama

Black History Fact:
December 1st 1955, Rosa Parks decided not to move off the front of the bus. Her refusal sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott movement. It lasted for 381 days. 

15. Cathy Bennett - woman veteran



That Cathy Bennett is the pioneer and most influential in advocacy for the issues concerning women veterans over the past twenty years resulting in life-changing legislation for African-American women veterans in the country. www.nawvphilly.webs.com

16. Alexuis Rasnake



carter g woodson created black history month

17. Name: Kennedy

State: TX

Blackhistoryfact: harreit tubman had to husbands


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